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Cabo San Lucas Food And Taco Walking Tour

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"Fantastic tour ... a must for a gourmet."

Cabo San Lucas Food And Taco Walking Tour

Cabo San Lucas Food And Taco Walking Tour

Short Description

You are passionate about Mexican food, you want to go beyond the buffet food of hotels, go to the places where locals eat, this excursion is designed for you

Learn about the true flavors of Mexican food, tasting in 5 different places, walking through secret but magnificent places in Cabo San Lucas, including drinks and trying different types of Mexican cuisine.

This is the real Mexico, come and try it, but before going into details, I would like to show you a short video, important, after watching it please come back for an excursion detailed explanation.

Detailed Description

This tour is designed for people who like to try different flavors who are fond of food and drinks, people who like good food and everything related to food.

Those who like to eat and drink well, experience new flavors and try new recipes.

Mexico has the characteristic of being one of the best-known cuisines worldwide, the indigenous and Spanish influences merged and created a range of flavors and colors that is difficult to compare worldwide.

If you are looking for the authentic flavors of Mexican food, if you do not want to eat the same food, that they give you in all the buffets of All Inclusive hotels. If you also want to meet people with the same concerns and passion about food, "FODDIES" this tour is for you.

So, if you are that type of person, this excursion is designed for you and prepares yourself for a journey of flavors, which will take your palate to levels that perhaps you have never experienced.

The Excursión

Cabo San Lucas Food And Taco Walking Tour Check out this comment that explains the objective of this excursion

"The best food I ate in Cabo! Great exposure to local culture and some fun history too! Great guide.Very friendly!"

In this excursion you will have the opportunity to taste a little bit of Mexico. Our guides will take the time to make this a pleasant excursion, it is an excursion on foot through the streets of Los Cabos to discover those hidden gems of authentic Mexican food. Know the customs and the food vendors, in a few words discover the real Mexico.

The best of Cabos are the tacos, we will stop at 3 places to taste the famous tacos al pastor, marlin tacos, they are very local places, but it is not only food there is also mezcal and tequila

We have tacos, tamales, burritos and enchiladas, in places that you could never find on your own, because we have specialized people who dedicate themselves to that, looking for those special places.

From meat, to seafood, such as fish, marlin etc. For the most daring try our sauces, we have all levels from the least spicy to the spiciest. It depends on the taste.

The guides are informative, they are all passionate about their work, which will make the experience even better. The food is excellent and the unique local places we will visit will add more to the experience. Finally, the tequila tasting is informative and engaging.

If you have visited Los Cabos before and have tried some of the local food, we will add those hidden places. We will visit a wide range of taco places, but they are not the typical fish and pork tacos, we have more flavors including enchiladas, tamales, also homemade cheeses with a wide variety of sauces.

We will start at the municipal market, this place has the best vegetables and fish in town etc.

Book with us

Finally, one of the most important parts is our guides who are prepared to answer each and every one of your questions about the elaboration of the different dishes, in addition to the history of many of them, without forgetting the uses and customs.

Mexico is a very large country and each state has its characteristic flavors and gastronomy such as Yucatecan food etc. But this excursion can give you a very complete idea of the flavors of Mexico.

Do not hesitate, book with us, we are here to serve you

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The food tasting excursion in Cabo San Lucas falls into our category of boutique excursions, which are designed for a very specific type of clients, but even so, we manage a fairly competitive price for what is included.

  • Price Adults (+15 Years): $50 USD per adult person
  • Price for Children (7-14 Years): $50 USD for each child
  • Children under 7 are free

Meeting Place

At the time of making your reservation you will be given detailed information about where the excursion will start, usually it is a central place in Cabo San Lucas.


We include everything you need for the excursion.

  • Guide in English and Spanish, specialized in Mexican food
  • 5 food tasting places
  • Soft drinks or natural fruit drink
  • Bottled water
  • 3 hour tour of Cabo San Lucas walking 1.5 miles

Not Included

Just as there are things that we include, there are also things that are not included

  • Extra expenses
  • Tips

What To Bring

We put at your disposal this list of the most essential things to bring.

  • A great appetite
  • Walking shoes or tennis shoes
  • During the winter we suggest a sweater wind can be chilly
  • Sunglasses, cap, sunhats before the sunsets
  • Cameras or cell phones
  • Cash in case you want to buy something

Payment Methods

All the most common forms of payment are available

  • Bank deposit
  • Wire transfers
  • Cash payment
  • PayPal
  • Credit Card (5% for bank fees)

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

1.- I do not have on hand my service confirmation receipt. What happens?

Nothing happens, you can ask to be sent again by WhatsApp or just with your name in the check-in area.

2.- The receipt was sent to my WhatsApp. Can I show it like this?

Sure, now everything is digital, you can show it from your cell phone screen

3.- How should I be dressed?

Comfortable clothes, also if it is winter a light jacket is recommended due to the cold.

4.- Do you have lockers available?

Unfortunately no, it is necessary to bring a small backpack to store things

5.- On what days are there not so many people?

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays there are usually not as many people as on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, however, it depends on the season, if it's vacation season, we have people every day.

6.- Can I bring my baby's food?

Yes, That's not a problem

1.- What is included if I reserve the excursion Cabo San Lucas Food And Taco Walking Tour

In a few words

  • Guide in English and Spanish, specialized in Mexican food
  • 5 food tasting places
  • Soft drinks or natural fruit drink
  • Bottled water
  • 3 hours tour of Cabo San Lucas walking 1.5 miles

2.- Does it include an open bar?

Unfortunately this excursion does not have an open bar

3.- How long is the excursion?

Usually 6 hours.

1.- Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, be aware there may be an extra charge for bank fees

2.- Can i pay in pesos or dollars

Yes. Just let us know what currency the payment will be to avoid misunderstandings

3.- Do you have months with no interest?

Unfortunately not

4.- What is the cost of adults?

$50 USD per person

5.- How much do the children pay?

$50 USD each child

6.- Do you have a special price for elder adults, locals, people with different abilities, travel agents, locals

We have 10%, as long as they can prove they apply for those promotions, although we recommend the excursion with dinner better, it is also very fun

7.- What promotions do you have available?

If you are a group of 7 people, it's a 10% discount, ask for your discount coupon to be applied in the charge to be collected

1.- How can I book?

Through the website, WhatsApp or you can call us directly

2.- How can I know that my reservation is already official?

When your receipt is sent to you, there is this very important data that is your confirmation number, with that number you know for sure you are officially in the reservation program.

3.- What office hours do you have?

  • Monday to friday from 07:00 am – 10:00 pm local time
  • Saturday & Sunday from 07:00 am – 08:00 pm local time

4.- How far in advance can I make my reservation?

Between 1 month and the same day, as long as there are places available, we recommend that you make the reservation at least two days in advance to guarantee that there are spaces available

5.- Can I make the reservation for another person?

Yes, as long as you pass the complete data of the other person

6.- Can I modify the date of my reservation?

Yes, we only ask you to let us know as soon as possible

7.- I am sick. Can I cancel?

Yes, we know these are things can happen, just let us know as soon as you can please

8.- What are the cancellation and refund policies?

  • 24 hour cancellations without penalty
  • No Show No refund

9.- Can I cancel or change the date of my visit?

Yes, however, we ask you to send us an email or message to make the corresponding adjustments

10.- How far in advance can I make my reservation?

Between one month and the same day, as long as it is early


The restrictions are very few in this excursion, it is an easy and fun excursion

Check this list:

  • To apply the "payment on the day of the excursion" it is only for groups of less than 4 people. If you make two reservations we cannot guarantee that you will go on the same group
  • It is important to be on time at the meeting place, be respectful of other guests, remember it is a shared excursion
  • Being able to walk approximately 3 kilometers or 1.5 miles, but stopping to rest in different places
  • Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Cannot participate with obvious effects of alcohol or drugs.
  • Be physically and emotionally well
  • Have a feeling of tolerance and respect for other people


Being a small group excursion, it is very important to let us know if you will not be able to attend due to the fact that these places can be assigned to other people who are interested.

  • 24 hour cancellations without penalty
  • No Show No refund


10 Reviews
Can't make up your mind? would you like to see what people who already went on the tour think, we have TripAdvisor section, send a message requesting information
- March -


"This tour, in my opinion is a great choice for the beginning of your trip. We learned so much about the history of Cabo, as well as about the history of the foods. It was nice going off the beatin path to restaurants that the locals frequent. The foods were amazing and Francisco, our tour guide was WONDERFUL!"

- March -


"Our guide for this tour was was amazing! He knew a remarkable amount (being a Chef himself). The tour takes you off the beaten path to areas that aren't frequented by too many tourists. Food and pace of the tour were great. Learned a lot about the history of the area as well."

- February -


"My partner and I were the only persons on the tour, and we absolutely loved. If you want to dine like the locals and explore some amazing places off the beaten path, then you have to book this tour. Make sure you're hungry when you arrive, because you'll be stuffed by the end of this excursion."

- June -


"I reccomend this walking tour; if this your first time or 21st time you will enjoy it. Our guide David took us to some fantastic local restaurants. My wife and I have been to Cabo several times and have eaten in several local places, but we so enjoyed this tour the we went back to one of places on the tour again the next day. Again I can't say enough about our guide David, his knowledge of the areas and the interactions we had at the restaurants demonstrated to me these were places he had eaten at."

- May -


"Highly recommend this tour. Fun, great food, and Izzy, the tour guide, is a fund of knowledge on the history and culture of Baja and Mexico. We have done the tour twice because we have enjoyed it so much."

- May -


"This is a walking tour of local restaurants. I went on it last year and liked so much I booked again this year. our guide and he is very knowledgeable about the local culture. It's a fun way to sample items at local restaurants and decide where you would like to return to.I would highly recommend!!"

- July -


"My friends and I (seven girls total) did this tour and absolutely loved it. Our guide made us feel safe, comfortable and showed us great hole in the wall-type places we never would've found on our own. He took us to a lot of the local places and gave us great history and background information on the place and the food. It was a nice cultural experience amongst all the "touristy" things that don't really teach you about the place and its people. Would definitely do this again, it's a must-do and you'll LOVE it!"

- June -


"I loved the tour. David was the best. He explained everything in detail and all of the places we went were excellent. As a first time visitor to Cabo San Lucas, I felt completely comfortable, and after the first tasting, I was ready for more !"

- June -


"This is a fun way to see downtown Cabo and have lunch along the way. We went to various local eateries that we've passed over the years but never tried. Our guide was a great guide - providing a little local history and encouraging us to try new foods. Definitely recommend whether you're new to Cabo or have been many times."

- August -


"It was a great tour! Our guide was incredible and we loved all of the stops. Highly recommend - it was one of our favorite activities during this trip to Cabo!"