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5 free things to do in Los Cabos

Free or almost free things (Only requires transportation)

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5 free things to do in Los Cabos

The focus of this post is based on a backpacking style visit, however, it can apply to any visitor, These are suggestions for anyone who wants to save money when visiting this heavenly place

You have probably heard, "It is that Cabo San Lucas is a very expensive place", "It is that excursions and food are very expensive", "Everything is in dollars" etc.

The short answer is YES, it is a more expensive destination, compared to others in the Mexican Republic, for 2 primary factors

  1. It is a place that does not produce its own food, so the vast majority of supplies must be brought from distant places, and a large part arrive by boat from the state of Sinaloa, Causing the prices of fruits and vegetables to be higher therefore food is more expensive than in the center of the republic.
  2. Being a place where the tourism of the United States predominates they have a greater purchasing power, it makes the product more expensive, since almost all the activities are thought of in particular.

However, today there are, although you may not believe it, some free or almost free activities that can be done in Los Cabos and that are some of the most beautiful things to do.

The best weapon that we have against this (high prices) is information, the study of destiny, putting together a budget, involving your family, to know our possibilities and know our limits, what we can do and what not. As I say to everyone you don't have to be a millionaire to visit Los Cabos, and you don't have to save up 6 months to pay the bills that will accumulate. Believe me, if you don't have a plan or a strategy, things can get out of control very easily

They are simple things, but nevertheless they are activities that involve walking, you are going to know places that you had not even thought would exist, If you are like me, who loves good, beautiful and cheap, follow these suggested activities.

1.- Know the Cabo San Lucas marina, see the sea lions, a sunset

The epicenter of excursions in Cabo San Lucas is at the marina, you can explore it calmly, seeing its colors, its flavors, etc.

Lobos en Marina CSL

Throughout the marina there are several sea lions that the fishing boats feed. In fact, when they are arriving at the marina the sea lions literally chase the boats and get on them to see what the crews can give them.

There is always an event, a singer, photographic exhibitions, There are also very beautiful places where you can take very cool photos, like the signs of Cabo that are going to look very cool on your social networks.

Fotos CSL

Near the marina is the Marina Market, where you will find souvenirs at a very good prices, They have everything from magnets for refrigerators to commemorative t-shirts of the destination, Ideal for bringing a souvenir to the rest of the family who stayed in the city. Check this map

You can go to the public beach that is a few steps from Mercado Marina check this map, You can swim there, the sea is usually calm, only with the proper precautions and please take a bag so that you do not leave trash on the beach.

Suggestion: Bring a snack, some beers, umbrellas, towels and a snorkeling mask to spend a nice moment on the beach

Tip: Throughout your walk through the marina, they will try to sell you all kinds of excursions, it is very easy to get carried away by the current and you will feel pressured, but that is why you are reading this blog, With the money you can save on these activities, you can save to pay for some more elaborate excursions and so the budget is balanced.

2.- Motorboat, beach of Love and Divorce

You can not come to Los Cabos and not know the arch and take the proper photo of the memory, There are many excursions that visit it, but if you are looking for where to stretch your money the best option is:

Lobos en Marina CSL

In the Cabo San Lucas marina, there are different companies that can take you to the arch to take some nice photos, they can also take you to Playa del Amor and they only agree to be picked up again, the prices are very accessible, You have to haggle a bit, do not go with the first price, I recommend that only one person go do the negotiation. Check this video

Fotos CSL

In these beaches there is no service so it is important to bring everything you need to spend a nice day

It can also be reached on foot, although it will take you a little longer, Once you get to the Sol Mar hotel say that are going to the public beach, you are not allowed to swim there, You will see some granite rocks, follow the sidewalk and you will reach the beach of divorce and there on the other side is the beach of love.

3.- Picnic to Playa Santa María or Chileno Beach

Lobos en Marina CSL

Public transport is very good in Los Cabos, if you are in Cabo San Lucas outside the Plaza Puerto Paraíso there are some trucks that take you to San José del Cabo, and pass different beaches in the tourist corridor, The best are Santa María beach and the other is the Chileno beach, ask the locals or the driver and tell them that you want to get off there. You just have to be careful so that you do not pass it. Check video and this And this video is from Santa Maria beach right here

The beaches have super facilities, there are toilets and showers, they are also very beautiful, but the most important thing is that they are public, so they have no cost.

Bring everything you need, so you are comfortable and you can relax, these beaches do not have restaurants or anything like that, put together a beach kit, the most important thing is the umbrella, towels, snorkel masks and drinks, The most important thing is that you are comfortable and you can relax and you can spend hours of fun with the family.

4.- San José del Cabo and its central park

Los Cabos county is made up of Cabo San Lucas, the tourist corridor and the peaceful San José del Cabo.

Lobos en Marina CSL

Walk the tourist corridor where you can see 5-star hotels

It is very different from Cabo San Lucas, here you can breathe an atmosphere of tranquility, there are many art galleries and it is a very peaceful place to explore calmly and without haste, The municipal government schedules many family activities on weekends, so it is always open to some surprises around the corner, plus there is the art walk which is very interesting. Check this video and this

Visit Mijares square, the organic market, The San Jose misión, the city hall, taste an ice cream at La Tropical ice cream shop which is one of the most iconic in San José, Since 1966, there is the marina of Puerto Los Cabos, the beaches, Acapulquito and Costa Azul, as you can see there are many options in this part of Los Cabos

If you are in Cabo San Lucas do not forget to take the bus that takes you to San José and come to know a very beautiful place in this part of Mexico

5.- Los Cabo's Sunsets

If you check a map you will notice that Los Cabos is far from the big cities, as there is not much light pollution, and not a lot of people, so the nights are very starry, the sunsets perfect and very romantic.

Lobos en Marina CSL

You have to get a little away from the city, for example, Playa Migriño, but it can be any beach that is a little away from the city, there are many semi-empty beach accesses, where you can see spectacular sunsets next to your partner and then see the different constellations.

Tip: download the app SkyView so you can see the shapes of the most representative constellations of the Milky Way on your cell phone.

As you can see, these are some of the many more options that can be done in Los Cabos, it is only a matter of using your imagination, investigating, walking

However, I recommend taking some excursions as they usually visit impressive places and have more services included, If you can save a little with these suggested activities, you can take some excursions suitable to your budget and thus have a perfect balance.

If you like to read everything related to the place to visit, if you are interested in knowing the best options that Los Cabos has to offer, I recommend this Blog, which is very complete and will give you updated and very interesting information to make your visit to Los Cabos a complete success.

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