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What to do around los cabos

Amazing places near Cabo San Lucas

Que hacer en los alrededores de Los Cabos

What to do around Los Cabos

Many people think that in Baja California Sur the only part that is worth visiting is Los Cabos. Let me tell you that there are spectacular places relatively close to Cabo San Lucas, which are worth considering. Of course you have to take into account that some places do not have all the tourist services that the Los Cabos area does.

A tip based on my travel experience, is that if for some reason when you arrive at a destination, you feel that your expectations are not being met, you feel that you have seen what you had to see. The best thing you can do is move from that place and expand your range of influence.

I am not talking about a specific place but in general terms of any place you visit.

If your plans to visit Los Cabos are still in the analysis phase, you have not yet made any purchases, you are just checking the options. It is important that you read this post, because it will open your eyes about places that perhaps you would never have heard of, literally hidden gems in the mountains and the desert.

It is recommended to stay in the places to sleep so that you can visit them without haste, remember the flexibility and explore a place without ties is an important part of your vacation, letting fate take us and being an open book.

This post is only to suggest a few places it is up to you, if you want to explore a specific place, the internet is a great tool to do this research, YouTube etc.

There are bus services that leave both Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo, although if there are several people, you can rent a car, you have much more freedom and room for maneuver check this map

An essential tool today is Google Maps, it gives you an idea of the distances and travel times, use it will help you a lot

This post arose after my last visit to Los cabos, we only stayed in Cabo San Lucas for two days and then we rented a car with my family and toured the surroundings and were pleasantly surprised. That was many years ago, and it was one of the reasons that I have fallen in love with this land that I now feel is mine.

Now with the passage of time I have had the opportunity to visit each and every one of the different towns in the surroundings and it is what gives me the confidence to create this post, which is divided into 4 basic routes

Route 1: From San Lucas to La Paz via Todos los Santos

Ruta 1

Todos Santos: It is installed between the foothills of the Sierra de Laguna and the Pacific Ocean, it is crossed by the Tropic of Cancer, when you enter the town you can see large and aromatic eucalyptus, mango and avocado trees.

People are very friendly, cheerful, their disposition to conversation and their simple and kind hospitality.

It is a small and very peaceful town, not for nothing is it home to many American retirees who come looking for warmer and cheaper places to live.

There is the famous Hotel California legend says, here in this place the very famous song of the group THE EAGLES was inspired.

Leaving Todos Santos and advancing approximately 1.5 km along the road that leads to Cabo San Lucas, you access a path of approximately 2.5 km to the beautiful Los Cerritos beach. Wide and generous area, suitable for playing and practicing some sports, in this clear and clean space, tents can also be installed, it is a beach between two hills, one of them with some cliffs that locals and visitors take advantage of fishing.

Playa Cerritos BCS

The nights are incredible, the sky is full of stars and if you like ecotourism this place meets those requirements. It is a place that surf lovers have made their home, you can fish, you can camp, there is ample parking for motorhomes, palapas, a grill and a large sandy area. If you have children there is space to play and sunbathe etc. If you are one of those people who like contact with nature, the sound of birds and breathing fresh air, this place is undoubtedly for you. I will leave you a video so that you have a clearer idea

5.5 km from Todos Santos and 3 km from the road is the beach of San Pedrito, when we approach it we are greeted by a large palm grove that protects the access and provides good shade to settle and enjoy the sea that is a few meters away.

Playa Cerritos BCS

San Pedrito is a splendid beach between two hills just like Punta Lobos, but with higher cliffs and small caves near the sand so that children of all ages can play. I leave you the video

Near here Pescadero lives all year round fishing. Although they currently growing strawberries, vegetables, oranges, mangoes, papaya, guava, cane on a small scale and have some chicken and rabbit farms. It has a population of more than 2000 inhabitants, the town is small and picturesque with a respective church on a hill overlooking the road.

Route 2: From San Lucas to La Paz via Los Barriles

Ruta 1 Los Barriles BCS

Los Barriles

Former fishing ground, this community is located on the shores of the Gulf of California, 110 km south of La Paz.

Los Barriles, Piedras Gordas and Buena Vista formerly separated by two mouths of dry streams and thorny vegetation of the region, today constitute a metropolitan area dedicated especially to tourist services. video

La Ribera

La Ribera BCS

Located in front of the Gulf of California, there was originally a ranch to concentrate cattle, horses and mules that were shipped to the coast and upper California. Currently they live to give service to tourists who going down the transpeninsular highway to their hotels and nearby beaches. Punta Colorada, Cabo Pulmo and Los Frailes, you can fish pejegallo, marlin, tuna, dorado, sailfish and swordfish. I leave this map to be located here

Cabo Pulmo

Cabo Pulmo BCS

Population where a protected natural area is located. Where the seaway is impressive and has the only living coral in the northernmost part of the American continent. I leave the video here

These are just some of the most representative places. There are many more such as Caduaño, Miraflores, Santiago that are at the foot of the Sierra de la Laguna and you can take a very nice walk going into the depths of the different canyons, water eyes that are in this area.

Later we will make more posts about these hidden places of Los Cabos

Route 3: La Paz, magical place

La Paz

Literally a spectacular place, it is one of those hidden gems even from Mexico, the glow of Los Cabos is so great that it does not let La Paz shine on its own. However, that is good for people who are looking for the types of places that are not so developed yet.

There are several very nice activities to do, for example:

Playa Balandra BCS
  • Balandra one of the best beaches in Mexico: An incredible combination of mountains, sand dunes and rock formations such as the famous mushroom. The clarity of the water from La Paz make this place, a place that should not be missed for any reason. Check out this video and this, plus comments on TripAdvisor here There is an urban transport service from La Paz or it can be reached by boat.
  • Sea lions colony of San Rafaelito: Near Balandra, it is only accessible by sea, an opportunity to swim with sea lions in their natural habitat
  • Holy Spirit Island: Impressive island in front of La Paz is an all day excursion so it is advisable to leave early, as it is a bit remote, but it is very worth it, you can do fishing, kayaking and also if you are ready you can make a camp and spend the night in this amazing place, video here
  • Malecon of La Paz: Peaceful, full of art, a tour to do without haste and to know its people and customs here is the video

Route 4: Places after La Paz

San Carlos

Puerto San Carlos BCS

60 km west of Ciudad Constitución, on the Pacific coast, is Puerto San Carlos in Magdalena. A huge bay formed by the Margarita and Magdalena islands, which in the winter months have an impressive migration of whales, is the closest place to Los Cabos to see these magnificent specimens.

Believe me, the whale watching in Cabo San Lucas is nothing compared to the number of whales that arrive at these places there are hundreds in an area where the mouth of the bay is.

Unfortunately, the whales are only from the middle of December to the beginning of April. After that time the town lives mainly on fishing.

The landscapes are incredible, visit the island of birds, the dunes, and in the town you can eat in one of the best restaurants, the best seafood soup I have ever tasted. Check out this video which unfortunately does not show the thrill of seeing these huge whales up close.

It is away from Los Cabos approximately 5 hours, so it is advisable to stop in La Paz and remember that you can only see whales in the winter months.


All the vacations have 3 phases, analysis, the vacations and the post vacations part. The planning part I really enjoy, I like to read and get to know each of the interesting places in the area, read opinions and know if my expectations are going to be met and thinking of those kinds of people this blog from Los Cabos was created.

I hope this information clears the horizon and gives you more options to visit this place in Mexico, there really is something for all tastes and budgets, it's just a matter of looking for it, but the most important thing is to make clear what your expectations are and what they want to do

However, do not stop visiting Los Cabos, it is a very beautiful place that is worth it and take off that thorn that I am sure has been there for many years. Life is short and you never know what can happen, take advantage now.

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