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Cabo San Lucas Snorkeling Tour

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"An excursion that has it all."

Cabo San Lucas Snorkeling Tour

Snorkeling Tour with Lunch & Open Bar in Cabo San Lucas

Check this comment

We were 2 families with 7 children in the age range of 13-22 in our group of 11. We all enjoyed this activity. We sailed past the arch and had plenty of time to take photos, then went a long way (to the east) to snorkel. I've snorkeled maybe 5 times. This was by far the best and cleanest team. The guides brought food to attract fish. Nothing is worse than snorkeling with no fish to see! As they returned, they served lunch. Lunch was good, not great but good. And then the music started! We danced all the way back. VERY FUNNY!!

What’s the Cabo San Lucas snorkeling tour?

Snorkeling Tour Cabo San Lucas

Cabos San Lucas snorkeling tour is a tourist experience that allows visitors to explore the reefs and crystal-clear waters of the Gulf of California, located at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, Mexico. Los Cabos, which includes the cities of Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo, is known for its stunning seascapes and water activities.

During Cabo San Lucas snorkeling tour, participants board specialized boats that take you to the best snorkeling spot in Los Cabos. This place is a reef in a bay or area where you can see a variety of marine life, such as tropical fish, corals and other marine creatures.

Participants are provided with snorkeling equipment, including mask, snorkel, and fins, to explore underwater and enjoy the beauty of the ocean. The guides provide information about marine life and ensure the safety of participants during the activity.

It’s a popular experience among tourists looking to enjoy nature and marine life while exploring the waters of the Gulf of California in Los Cabos.

Why book the Cabo San Lucas snorkeling tour

Snorkeling Tour Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas snorkeling tour with open bar and food is a tourist experience that combines the exploration of the underwater world through snorkeling with food and beverage services included. During this type of tour, participants have the opportunity to snorkel in the waters near Los Cabos and enjoy drinks and food on board the boat.

Here I can share some key aspects of this type of tour:

Snorkeling Activity: Participants will have the opportunity to explore coral reefs, marine life, and other underwater points of interest using the snorkeling equipment provided.

Drinks: The open bar option means that alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks will be offered during the tour. They can include beer, cocktails, soft drinks, water and other beverages.

Open bar is after snorkeling

Food: The tour includes a meal or snacks during the journey. This includes a buffet of fajitas tacos with their different sauces and toppings.

Comfortable boat: Participants travel in appropriate boats equipped for your comfort and safety during the journey. It’s a very stable and comfortable two-story catamaran.

Entertainment and Guides: Cabos San Lucas snorkeling tour features guides who provide information about the places visited, marine life, and safe snorkeling practices. In addition, there are entertainment activities on board to complement the experience.

This type of tour offers participants the chance to enjoy a complete experience that combines the beauty of the ocean and marine life with the convenience of services such as drinks and food. It’s a popular option for those who want to spend a nice, relaxing day exploring the waters of Los Cabos.

Cabo San Lucas snorkeling tour: Schedules and Availability

Cabo San Lucas Snorkeling Tour departs daily from the Cabo San Lucas marina with a check-in time of 11:45 a.m. and departure at 12:30 p.m.

This snorkeling tour departs every day as long as the weather is good, however, it is a very popular excursion because the package it includes and the price is very attractive. It is advisable to make a reservation at least 2 days in advance to guarantee availability

Remember that the most popular excursions are usually full, so it’s important to plan ahead and always reserve so that lack of availability or space is not an inconvenience.

Cabo San Lucas Snorkeling Tour: Duration

The duration of Cabo San Lucas snorkeling tour can vary for several reasons such as the specific itinerary and activities included in the tour. Cabo San Lucas Snorkeling Tours typically lasts 3 hours. Below, Here you have some details about the duration of the snorkeling tour in Los Cabos:

The snorkeling tour lasts approximately 3 hours. This allows enough time for the boat trip to the snorkeling site, snorkeling, free time to explore, and also includes a buffet meal. This type of tour is popular and provides a complete snorkeling experience.

Cabo San Lucas Snorkeling Tour Experience

If you are looking for a fun activity where you can see an impressive amount of sea life and multicolored fish, splendid views of the horizon, Cabo San Lucas Snorkeling Tour is an ideal activity for you.

If you are staying in San José del Cabo or in any hotel in the corridor between San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, we have pickup service from the comfort of your lobby, however, it is important to mention it at the time of booking. As it has an extra cost.

The Catamaran

Snorkeling Tour Cabo San Lucas

Our boat departs from the Cabo San Lucas marina, our departures are in the morning to make the most of the day.

The boat is first class, with much space to move around without any problem, as well as bathrooms for our guests, an upper deck where you will have a free and unobstructed view of the horizon, so the photos will appear perfect, besides that, it will be the delight of people who like to sunbathe, of course there are also shady areas, this boat is designed so our guests spend a great day, here on our Cabo San Lucas Snorkeling Tour

Being a large catamaran, it is very stable and most importantly a very safe boat.

When you get on the boat you can taste a refreshing drink, waiting for the rest of guests who will take the excursion that day.

We pride ourselves on our crew, who will be attentive to each and every one of your needs at all times. Please feel at home and let yourself be pampered, to make it a beautiful snorkeling experience in Cabo San Lucas.

The Arch - Los Cabos Iconic Place

the Arch Snorkeling Tour Cabo San Lucas

There is a saying in this place, which says that if you do not visit the arch it is as if you had not come to Los Cabos. Since this natural rock formation is where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean, it's the most representative and visited place in all of Cabo San Lucas.

Here Baja California ends, after these rocks there is no more land, that's why many people call it finisterra or LANDS END.

Not only the arch, there is also the Lovers Beach, the window to the Pacific, the colony of sea lions.

A place you cannot miss to take the famous souvenir photo, in all water excursions this is one of the obligatory stops.

The captain is in charge of moving the boat all around to get in the best possible position so that people can take the photos, keep in mind that there will be a photographer who is part of the crew who will be working for you to take the best photos.

After the visit to the Cabo San Lucas ARCH, the boat will head towards the CHILENO bay, which is one of the best places in the area to practice snorkeling

Beautiful rugged landscapes

The trip to the snorkeling spot, will be at moderate speed so that you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the horizon. The mountains in the background, with the city of Cabo San Lucas are the best frame for the best photos of your vacation.

On our way we'll see Playa El Medano, in addition to world class resorts and we'll have the opportunity to see many houses and mansions of the rich and famous that have made Cabo San Lucas their favorite meeting place.

Whimsical figures made of rocks, desert and an unbeatable sun, will be a perfect combination, preparing the way for snorkeling to be an activity enjoyed by both young and adults.

The Sea of Cortez is rich in marine life, it's very likely that we might see whales on the way, during the winter, we will also see sea lions, manta rays, and possibly more marine life.

During this part of the excursion the crew will be offering refreshing drinks and answering any questions you may have.

Cabo San Lucas Snorkeling Tour

Snorkeling Tour with Lunch & Open Bar in Cabo San Lucas

Snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas is an easy and fun activity. You cannot miss this!

The turquoise waters are home to thousands of multicolored fish that delight all tourists who decide to do / practice snorkeling.

In this snorkeling excursion we'll visit one of the best places to practice snorkeling, EL CHILENO BAY, ideal for practicing this activity since it is a bay, so it's well protected from the wind and sea currents, water is crystal clear and very clean, allowing many fish to be seen.

This snorkeling excursion includes all the equipment you need, such as fins, masks and life jackets. You will always be floating in the water, unless you are a very good swimmer and want to dive to the bottom. Before jumping into the water, the staff will give a detailed explanation about how to use the snorkeling equipment, the most important thing for beginners is, how to have a good rhythm of breathing and what to do in case water comes into the breathing tube, in addition the signals in case you need help.

But trust me, after 5 minutes of trying you will see it's something very simple to do and you will be amazed by the number of multicolored fish in these waters, goldfish, puffer fish.

Very close to where the boat docks there are some rocks, this is the best place to see different multicolored fish, try yourself, see if you can dive to reach the bottom!

Part of our crew will be leading the group in the water and there will also be people in a small kayak in case you need any kind of help or someone else does.

You just have to put things in the right perspective Los Cabos, is not Hawaii or the Caribbean

Important: You have to know how to swim to be able to do this activity, however, snorkeling is optional, if you just want to admire the landscape while enjoying a refreshing drink with your open bar included, this is a very good option.

Open Bar and Food

Snorkeling Tour with Lunch & Open Bar in Cabo San Lucas

Throughout the snorkeling excursion we have drinks, we have vodka, whiskey, rum, tequila, beers, soft drinks and juices

Additionally, after snorkeling the crew prepares a delicious buffet of fajita tacos.

A fajita taco buffet is a food presentation that offers a variety of ingredients and condiments typical of Mexican fajitas, allowing customers to create their own tacos to taste. This type of buffet is very popular in many places as it gives diners the freedom to customize their meals according to their individual preferences.

It has

  • Steak, roast beef, chicken
  • Tortillas
  • Vegetables and garnishes
  • Sauces and condiments
  • Extras: Depending on the location and type of buffet, extras such as rice, refried beans, corn, chopped cilantro, and chopped onion may be included to give more options and variety to the meal.

At a fajita taco buffet, customers can serve themselves and choose whatever toppings they want, thus customizing their tacos based on their flavor and quantity preferences. This style of buffet is known for its informality and for encouraging social interaction as people enjoy a tasty, personalized meal.

Guaranteed fun

On the way back, the crew will play music, all rhythms, they will be on the lookout for a great day, continuously bringing different drinks and checking to make sure everything is fine, if the mood is good, apart from being sailors, they are also dancers so if you want to learn some dance steps, they are more than willing to teach you

Who is the Cabo San Lucas Snorkeling tour most suitable for?

Cabos San Lucas snorkeling tour is suitable for a wide range of people, from beginners to those with experience in water activities. Here I detail who this type of snorkeling tour is most suitable for:

Beginners and novices: Cabo san Lucas snorkeling tour is ideal for people who are new to snorkeling or have little experience in water activities. Guides usually provide basic instructions and safety, allowing beginners to feel comfortable and enjoy the experience.

Families and children: This type of snorkeling tour is suitable for families and children, as long as the children are accompanied by an adult. Many tours offer snorkeling equipment in children's sizes, and most snorkeling locations are safe and suitable for all ages.

Adventurers and nature lovers: For those looking for an exciting experience close to nature, the Cabo San Lucas snorkeling tour offers the opportunity to explore the underwater world and enjoy the beauty of the ocean and its marine life.

Travelers looking for relaxation and fun: This snorkeling tour is also perfect for travelers who want to relax, enjoy the sun, and immerse themselves in crystal clear waters while snorkeling. The combination of warm water, colorful reefs, and the ability to enjoy drinks and food make this experience fun and relaxing.

Photography Lovers: Underwater photography enthusiasts will find the Los Cabos snorkeling tour perfect for capturing stunning images of marine life and underwater landscapes.

Overall, Cabo San Lucas snorkeling tour is versatile and suits a wide audience. It is a great option for anyone looking to explore the marine beauty of the region and enjoy a memorable aquatic experience in a safe, guided environment.

Who is NOT the Cabos Snorkeling tour best suited for?

Although Cabos San Lucas snorkeling tour is suitable for many people, there are certain circumstances in which it may not be the best option or suitable. Here I mention who the tour might not be the most suitable for:

  • People with physical or mobility limitations
  • People with fear of water or claustrophobia
  • Very small children
  • People with allergies to salt water or snorkeling equipment
  • People who cannot swim or have little experience in the water

In any case, it is essential to evaluate your skills, comfort level, and health before deciding to participate in a snorkeling tour. If you have concerns or questions about your suitability for this activity, it is advisable to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

It's worth it? Yeah

Determining whether Cabos San Lucas snorkeling tour is “worth it” depends on your personal interests, budget, comfort level with water activities, and what you are looking to experience on your trip. Here are some things to consider to help you decide if it's worth it for you:

  • Interest in marine life and snorkeling
  • Love of nature and outdoor activities
  • Exploration and adventure
  • You want a unique experience in Los Cabos
  • Enjoy relaxing and recreational activities
  • You value aquatic experiences
  • Time and budget availability

In short, if you like marine life, exploring aquatic nature, and enjoying outdoor activities, you will likely find that a snorkeling tour in Los Cabos is a truly worthwhile experience.

Book with us

As you can see, we have the experience, the capacity and the knowledge to spend a great day in Los Cabos, our high-quality standards with a very competitive price make this tour very hard to say no to. If you are looking for sun, fun and snorkeling, this is for you

Contact us, our operators are waiting for your message or call


We are making a blog with detailed information on the best attractions in Los Cabos, tips, suggestions, how to save money on your visit to los cabos. If you know which activities you want to do you can save money.

People who have spent a lifetime here and already know the most iconic places and know how things work in the area are willing to tell all their secrets.

Questions such as:

  • Cabo San Lucas marine park snorkeling tour
  • Snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas
  • Santa Maria bay snorkeling
  • Snorkeling in San Jose del Cabo

Will be answered conscientiously and in detail so you do not miss any detail.

Other excursions

We have all the options for snorkeling excursions in Cabo San Lucas, for people with a tighter budget we have shorter excursions that snorkel in a place near the arch of Cabo San Lucas, although we highly recommend this one as it is more complete.

Send us a message, tell us your expectations and I am sure that we will find a package that meets your needs, do not hesitate, we are here to help you, and we don´t charge for giving information

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We have the most competitive prices in Cabo San Lucas, of course there are cheaper ways to snorkel in Cabo San Lucas, but you have come all the way here to spend a great time, you don´t want the cheapest… they do not include all the comforts that we offer you! Check and compare prices but most of all, quality.

The price that we have today is valid for one month from the date of reading.

Without Transportation:

  • $55 USD or $900 mexican pesos or $55 EURO per adult person (+11 Years)
  • Children 6-11 years pay $30 USD or $450 mexican pesos or $30 EUROS for each child
  • Children under 5 free
With Transportation:

If you are staying in San José del Cabo or hotels a little further from Cabo San Lucas, we have the option of picking you up at most hotels.

  • $75 USD per adult person (+12 Years)
  • $50 USD per child (6-11 years)
  • Children under 5 free, but they don't have a guaranteed seat in the transportation, as it'ss understood that they would have to sit on your lap

Meeting place

If you are staying in the Cabo San Lucas area or have a vehicle, best options would be getting to the Cabo San Lucas marina on your own.

If you are staying in a remote area like San José del Cabo, we have transportation service as long as the hotel is within our pre-established routes and the hotel allows us to go into its facilities.

Without Transportation

  • Our boats leave the Cabo San Lucas marina. At the time you make the reservation, you will be sent the departure time and the access door number in the marina.

With Transportation

  • Hotel: In your hotel lobby. Please send a message so we can tell you if your hotel has transportation service available or not.
  • Without Hotel: If you are staying with relatives or AIRBNB, a nearby place will be designated


We have included everything you need to spend a great day. This is a list of what we have included in the excursion.

  • Access to the boat and all its facilities
  • Snorkeling equipment (mask, fins and life jacket)
  • Open Bar
  • Snacks
  • Round trip transportation (If you book with transportation)

Not included

There are certain things that are not included. It is important to bring cash, for anything that could be needed, remember in Mexico not many places have credit card payment terminals

  • Tips
  • Photos
  • Towels

What to Bring

This list is not intended to be a complete list, as it depends from person to person, both in tastes and needs. Some things may not be as necessary as others, if you are already in Cabo and didn't bring some things, do not worry, it is very likely that they are not necessary.

It is important to say that if you are under a strict diet or prescriptions, bring your own food or pills for the proper functioning of your body.

  • Towels
  • Alcoholic beverages can only be provided to ages 18+
  • Sunglasses, cap, sunhats before the sunsets
  • Full charge cell phone or camera
  • Cash (for tips)
  • During the winter we suggest a sweater winds can be chilly
  • Sunblock
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Comfortable and fresh clothes
  • Flip flops
  • Swimsuit and dry clothes
  • Backpack or bag to store your things

Payment methods

We accept all payment methods, check this list

  • Bank deposit
  • Wire transfers
  • Cash
  • PayPal
  • Credit cards (5% for bank fees)


Frequently asked questions

1.- Do you come to my hotel to pick me up?

Yes, as long as the hotel is within our pre-established routes, keep in mind that this service has an extra cost

2.- I am in an AIRBNB. Can you come pick me up?

Unfortunately if you are not in a hotel, it is very difficult for us, however, we can establish a nearby meeting place where we can meet.

3.- I want you to pick me up at a specific time, is it possible?

Unfortunately no, we have schedule pickup times

4.- At what time would they stop by us?

Depending on your hotel location, when you make formal reservation, you will be sent a confirmation receipt of services with all detailed information such as estimated pick up time, we ask you to be ready 5 minutes before you pickup time

5.- How do I recognize who will pick me up?

When your service confirmation receipt is sent, all of the detailed information will be sent to you, but it is easy, we will call out names to locate you.

6.- In which vehicle would you pick me up?

Usually in Toyota Hiace trucks or sprinters, but may vary depending on the availability of the vehicles.

7.- I am late. Can you wait for me?

Sometimes we can wait about 5 minutes. Remember we have other pickups and often people already aboard who will be upset waiting longer that the promised time, we strongly ask you to be on time at the meeting place, otherwise you will have to get to the marina on your own

8.- I'm already at the meeting place, but I don't see anyone, what should I do?

Immediately call the contact number that will be printed on your service confirmation receipt, they will inform you where the van is or if there is any delay.

1.- Because of the rush, I couldn't print the service confirmation receipt. What happens?

Nothing happens, you can show it on your cell phone screen or request a receipt directly to your WhatsApp or even just with your name and your confirmation number that will be on your service confirmation receipt

2.- Can I show my receipt on my cell phone?

Yes. In fact, it is the most recommended, please do not waste sheets as much as possible, we are in the 21st century, right?

3.- How should I be dressed?

Comfortable clothes, a small coat if it is winter

4.- Do you have any place to store my things?

Unfortunately no, it is advisable to bring only what is necessary and a bag to store your personal belongings

5.- Which days are the least people listed on the excursion?

Usually the beginning of the week, however, in holiday season, there is a good flow of visitors, it can vary

6.- Can I bring my baby's food?

Sure, no problem at all, please bring what is necessary to make the baby comfortable.

1.- What is included if I reserve the Cabo San Lucas Snorkeling Tour?


  • Access to the boat and all its facilities
  • Snorkeling equipment (mask, fins and life jacket)
  • Open Bar
  • Snacks
  • Round Transportation (If you book with transportation)

2.- Does it include life jackets and lockers?

Yes, we have life jackets for snorkeling that are included, about the lockers, unfortunately we do not have lockers available

3.- We have an open bar, all we want to drink

Yes, it is a open bar, everything you want to drink, we only ask you to keep it fun and be able to walk out the boat at the end of excursion

4.- How long does the excursion last?

Usually 3 hours.

1.- Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, however, please be aware there may be extra bank fees charges, so we prefer cash

2.- can i pay in cash when you come to get me

Yes. We have that option, however, you have to demonstrate to our online operators it is a serious reservation, to avoid wasting resources on fetching them and not showing up.

3.- Do you have any credit card interest-free month promotion?

Unfortunately, no. However we have great prices and good promotions when in big groups.

4.- What is the adult price?

$55 USD per person, over 11 years old would be considered adults

5.- How much do the children pay?

$30 USD each child, children from 6-11 years are considered for this price, children under 6 are totally free.

5.- You have special prices? Let's say for older adults, locals, people with different abilities, travel agents

Yes, we have a 10% discount, in the comments field it is necessary to mention it and ask for the special price for them.

6.- Do you have any promotion available?

Sure, if you are more than 7 people, we have a 10% discount

1.- How can I make the reservation?

We make it easy for you, we have this website, it can also be by WhatsApp, email or phone call

2.- How do I know that the reservation is already made?

If a service confirmation receipt was sent to you, with your confirmation number the reservation is already formalized, but if any questions please send an email

3.- What hours do you have for customer service?

We are available 24 hours a day, however, the hours we guarantee the service are

  • Monday to Friday 07:00 am – 10:00 pm hora local
  • Saturday & Sunday 07:00 am – 08:00 pm hora local

4.- How far in advance can I make my reservation?

The reservation framework where we can guarantee you the same price, is from 1 month to 1 night before the excursion

5.- Can I pass my reservation to another person?

Yes, as long as you notify us and give us the other person's information

6.- Can I change my reservation date?

Yes, as long as you notify us as soon as possible, at least 2 hours before so those spaces can be occupied by another client.

7.- I don't feel good, Can i cancel the excursion?

Yes, of course we are aware that sometimes things do not go as planned, just let us know as soon as possible

8.- What are the cancellation and refund policies?

Usually the following criteria, but may vary, please send an email

  • 100% refund within 24 hours
  • No Show, No Refund

9.- Can I cancel or change the date of my visit?

Yes, just let us know as soon as possible, to make the necessary adjustments

10.- How far in advance can I make my reservation?

We recommend no more than 1 month in advance and at least one night before the excursion


Unfortunately we have some restrictions for everyone’s safety and that all our guests have a nice experience.

Some are recommendations and others are more specific restrictions, check this list

  • To apply the "payment on the day of the excursion" it is only for groups of less than 4 people. If you make two reservations we cannot guarantee that you will go on the same boat or in the same section of the boat
  • In the snorkeling part it is necessary to have experience and know how to swim
  • It is important to be on time at the meeting place, be respectful of other guests, remember it is a shared excursion
  • The use of the life jacket is mandatory, remember that we are responsible for your safety.
  • Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult
  • You cannot drink alcoholic beverages if you are under 18, ID will be requested
  • Cannot board with obvious effects of alcohol or drugs.
  • Must have the ability to climb small ramps, steps, and walk short distances
  • You must have the ability to bend your knees to snorkel and to climb the ladder from the sea to the boat.
  • The snorkeling part is not designed for people who cannot walk
  • Be physically and emotionally well
  • We can stop serving alcoholic beverages for your safety and others around you.
  • Have a feeling of tolerance and respect for other people


Just let us know as soon as possible if for any reason (whatever it may be) you will not be able to attend, in order to avoid losing money, and so we’ll be able to sell those tickets, especially during the holidays.

  • 24 hour cancellations without penalty
  • No Show No refund.


10 Reviews
Can't make up your mind? would you like to see what people who already went on the tour think, we have TripAdvisor section, send a message requesting information
- January -


"This was the best tour I did in Cabo. The crew was awesome, pointing out whales and serving drinks. We had music and delicious refreshments. Definitely saw fish while snorkeling and the water wasn't too cold, even though it was mid-January. The photo was a good deal and a great souvenir. Next time I go back, I would definitely book again! !"

- November -


"Boarded the Oceanus Boat Tour last week. The boat departed from the busy port of Cabo and came to show us the famous Arch. Ship was very clean and welcoming. Lots of drink options for the customers with good music on."

- November -


"We had a brilliant family snorkelling trip with our 9 and 7 year old daughters. Janet our guide was knowledgeable and explained lots about the local history and ocean life of the area... not only do you get snorkelling gear. Great fun and excellent value for cost. We also got some wonderful photos from our onboard photographer Jonathan! Do it, it’s lots of fun... my only recommendation would be some lite bites on the boat on the way home and a better choice of refreshments."

- November -


"Our boat was not very full so we got a lot of extra attention. The snorkeling was relaxing and it felt good to be in the water. Some fish and coral but not as picturesque as other places I've been. The crew were all very friendly and helpful"

- November -


"Amazing. Great wait staff. Always checking to see if we need new drinks. I would use them again in a minute!!!"

- November -


"The crew was great. There were a lot of fish, but only a handful of species underwater scenary was bare no reefs.Lunch was not great either."

- August -


"Snorkeling was super fun the family enjoyed the activities and the view of the ATC and holding the sea urchins"

- August -


"We went snorkeling with Oceanus and it was so fun! The party boys Armando, JJ, and Brian were so lovely for the 45 min stretch to the calmer Beach area. The driver was an excellent driver. The drinks aren't strong and the food wasn't the best but overall fun!"

- August -


"The boat ride was ok. I would have preferred a smaller crowd. The lunch wasn’t that great either, but I did like the crew because they tried to make it fun"

- August -


"Huge catamaran made sightseeing easy. Open bar and lunch made this trip a very good value. The staff was friendly and attentive."