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Terms and Conditions

Cabo Best Tours Terms and Conditions Policies

Please read the following information.


Notice of Terms and Conditions www.cabobesttours.com

All the excursions offered by www.cabobesttours.com (now Cabo Tours) rely on the trust between vendors and clients

The descriptions of the excursions advertised by Cabo Tours are written directly by our staff at Cabo Tours. If the tour does not go according to the description found in print ads or websites, email us. There are certain times when we can make adjustments to the itinerary due to weather conditions, logistics, etc. Each case will be analyzed separately to determine if the refund policy applies.

When you buy an excursion package with Cabo Tours we always try to go through every detail of the reservation such as the date, time of departure, etc. However, it is the client's responsibility to verify all the details of the reservation regarding their hotels or accommodation , hours, dates, etc.

Departure hours are given in terms of the local time zone. For more information on the local time zone please visit www.worldtimeserver.com, Cabo Tours is not responsible for the information given on this website but we do consider it to be a reliable source about time zones in this area of Mexico.

If you have any questions about the meeting places, departure and appointment times, email us. The customer must contact Cabo Tours before the excursion. If for some reason there has been a change on the day scheduled for your trip, please contact Cabo Tours right away, and we will try to reschedule your excursion or the departure hour.

The client's reservation will not be confirmed until both parties have agreed with the terms and conditions. The clients reservations will not be confirmed until the seller has verified the availability. Once the availability has been confirmed you will receive an electronic receipt via email as proof of reservation.

If the client can't travel or if the excursion is overbooked and we aren't able to accommodate them, Cabo Tours commits to refund the total amount paid by the customer. All modifications must be notified to Cabo Tours as soon as possible, within two days of the reservation date.

Cabo Tours reserves the right to modify the itinerary without notice. These changes can be requested by the seller to increase the quality and safety measures of the tour. Some pictures advertised on the website are informative only and do not apply to certain excursions.

Cabo Tours reserves the right to make changes to the itinerary, stops and times of the excursion. Please note that these changes can occur due to security reasons, weather conditions, client's needs, changes in duration, etc. These changes will always respond to the need of increasing the security and quality of the excursion.

It is possible that Cabo Tours may need to make these adjustments considering luggage, transportation, availability, etc. Please don't take this excursion if you don't agree with these changes, but you should know that there will be no refund If you do decide to come. If you have any questions please contact Cabo Tours with no less than two days notice.

In the event that Cabo Tours decides to cancel the excursion due to the weather conditions or a similar reason, a total refund will be granted to the client. Should the client decide not to take the trip or abandon the excursion because of weather conditions no refund will be granted.

There is a total no show refund if the client gives a 24 hour notice. No refund will be granted if the client decides to abandon the tour. In this case, the client will be responsible for the return transportation back to their hotel and all the expenses that this may cause. All cancellations must be sent via email to hola@cabobesttours.com

Coupons are not valid with any other offer or special.

Please note that other agencies or sales agents are not authorized to make changes on any reservation made with Cabo Tours. Excursions offered by Cabo Tours are independent from the ones offered by hotel travel agencies , and if one or more of these are cancelled by these travel agencies, that doesn't mean that Cabo Tours has cancelled their excursion. You need to contact a representative of Cabo Tours to confirm that the excursion has been cancelled.

Cabo Tours rates are based on the total number of people who are taking the excursion, but there are no refunds if less people arrive the day of the excursion. If you are part of a group and one or more people cancel their trip, all discounts made to those who cancel will be deducted from the refunded cancellations.

If one or more people in your group have mobility issues please let our representatives know, so we can make the necessary arrangements. Cabo Tours must be informed of these situations, otherwise we can't ensure you will be able to take part in the excursion or that your expectations will be met, therefore no refund can be granted.

It is the client's responsibility to verify age requirements. Refunds don’t apply if one of these requirements is not met. If this is the case, you will not be able to participate in the activities. All the requirements and restrictions are for the client’s safety and many of them are required by the local laws, insurances or certifications.

Cabo Tours is not responsible for any lost items, damage, cost or delays. In the event that these situations occur, you must contact our representatives so they can give you a disclaimer of responsibilities. However, our goal is to sell reliable and safe excursions, offering a professional service. We suggest to follow the recommendations of our representatives, lost items are difficult to locate, so we recommend to keep an eye on all your belongings until the end of the excursion to verify that everything is complete.

Prices are in Mexican Pesos, Cabo Tours is not responsible for any variations in the exchange rates at the moment of payment if you pay with a different currency. Cabo Tours reserves the right to change the price of an excursion at any time. Reservations processed before any variations in the rates will maintain the same price.

The client has read the terms and conditions and has agreed to them.

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