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Frequently asked question

Here we try to answer the most frequently asked questions of our clients

Why book with us

We are a local company in Los Cabos that aims to offer the best excursions in Los Cabos

We have more than 10 years of experience and since last year we are expanding our services to the digital world, but throughout this time we have been working hand in hand with the most renowned travel agencies in Los Cabos

Firstly, because WE ARE LOCALS and not companies that are NOT based in Cabo San Lucas, The offices are in the center of the city, very close to the marina, which allows us to quickly solve any problem.

Secondly, because in many cases we are the direct providers of the excursion, and if this is not the case, we have special wholesale prices, When moving a monthly volume of people for a specific company we have special prices or in many cases they are companies affiliated with this Web page.

Third, in most cases, pay everything in cash the day of the excursion so that you are sure it is not a fraud. However, restrictions apply there, because we need to make sure that it is a serious reservation, send a message for more details

In some cases yes, in some cases we have sister companies with which we have agreements or with which we are associated and we pass clients and recommend each other.

If you book with us the vast majority of excursions will allow you to pay the day of the excursion, although there are exceptions based on the policies of each company and if it's during our high season

That is, in the vast majority of cases you do not pay anything in advance, we just have to be in contact, and you can pay the day of the tour when you take the excursion.

We only ask that if you are not going to be able to attend, notify us as soon as possible so as not to generate a NO SHOW fee.

First, that is the reason why everything is in writing, if for any reason during the excursion something is not visited or they are not met, send a message and if you are right we will negotiate a refund either partially or totally depending on the severity of the situation.

Second, of all the excursions we have reviews on TripAdvisor, where you can see the experiences that clients have had prior to you and from there know if the operator meets your expectations or not, Send a message requesting that information and we will gladly assist you .

If they charge you something that has not been explained to you before, we will refund you the amount you have paid, you will always be sent a detailed description and an audio of the tour with all the necessary information about things to pay, as well as suggestions and recommendations, So you can rest assured of that, we take great care of that subject and we are very careful.
Send a message by WhatsApp through the button on the bottom right, we answer very quickly, call us by phone to the numbers that are on the screen, send a message by email, We have all communication channels open.

General questions

In many cases in the lobby of your accommodation center but it depends on the excursion, if you are in an AIRBNB we will designate the place closest to your place of accommodation
We have all the excursions in Los Cabos area, at special prices, it would be very long list send all the excursions in the area, It is easier if you investigate and the one that catches your attention I can quote it without any commitment
No. You can show it on your cell phone and sometimes it is not necessary to present it, what is important is to be punctual at the meeting place, since almost all are shared excursions
It depends on which excursion and how far in advance you would be reserving, Send an email, and we will try to get it, although it all depends on availability, since we only have a few spaces
Of course it is what we are committed to visiting, although we may not make certain stops for security reasons, If you need to, contact us as each case is analyzed separately
Don't worry, our operators have a copy of the receipt and it is only needed to compare balances to pay.
We try as far as possible to pass on time for our clients, we can wait a few minutes, but if other people get impatient we will have to leave, We cannot jeopardize the integrity of the excursion, we highly recommend being on time at the meeting place

Reservation process

Of course, you can even pay for another person as long as you tell us the name of the person who will go on the excursion and pass on all the information so to avoid misunderstandings.
Usually, pay us all in cash when we pick them up (Does not apply on private excursions), but you can also pay by credit card (there is an increase of 5% for administrative expenses) and only Visa and MasterCard are accepted. However that depends on each specific excursion
Yes, we will never ask for a card number or any confidential information, all payments are made through secure HTTPS servers, and in the vast majority of cases we try to do it through PayPal
It may be that the payment process has not been completed, so the service is not confirmed, try again, If the bank has already made the charge, send us a proof of the charge and we will gladly help you
We only ask that if you are not going to attend, notify us as soon as possible to avoid losing money on going for you, and it depends if the provider allows that type of payment system, send an email
We usually accept pesos, dollars or euros, however, we can also accept other currencies as long as you let us know advance
Yes. We only ask that it be done in time to make the corresponding adjustments.
As you like, we have all the payment options
Yes, you can book up to one night before the tour, we close reservations at 09:00 pm local time and unfortunately we do not take reservations for the same day

Reviews and evaluations

All our clients the day after their excursion are sent an email where they evaluate the satisfaction of the service and that is uploaded to the evaluation section of that excursion
It may be that your evaluation does not meet the conditions to be published as obscene words, links to other websites, does not correspond to the excursion taken or the customer changes his mind and does not want it to be published.
In the reviews section there is a button where you can put your comment and we will gladly publish it as long as it meets the publication requirements

Discounts and promotions

Yes, usually senior citizens (INAPAM), travel agents (IATA code), local people (proof of residence is required)
Usually yes, but it all depends on what excursions they are and the time of year, send an email we are here to serve you
Yes, send an email something we can offer you

Dates and times

Send an email or online chat and we will gladly inform you
Yes as long it is a private excursion, if it is shared excursion, it is not possible, since we already have agreed commitments with other guests
Yes, although we try to finish early.
Usually in Spanish, English.
We usually have tours every day.
No, to close the reservation process we need the exact date of the excursion
We accept reservations from a range of one month to one night before the tour

Private Services

There is no minimum as long as you pay the price shown in the corresponding section
If the tour is private it is impossible to do that.
If it is a private tour and you give us the time, there should be no problem, but send an email so we can advise you
Don't worry we can use several vans or even trucks to move them, we have the experience and the vans to move any number of people


When you like, although we ask that you do so as far in advance as possible so that we can sell those spaces to other people
There are no cancellation fees, unless it is a private tour if the following criteria apply
  • 100% refund if it is 24 hours in advance
  • 50% refund if it is 12 hours in advance
  • No refund if it's no show
Our excursions leave with sun or rain unless it is something out of the ordinary we can cancel, However, if by the time we pass by you the weather conditions do not meet your expectations apply our guarantee against bad weather and do not go with the transportation, if you paid something in advance we will return your money.
It all depends on how easy it is for you and us, but everything is possible as long as you let us know and we are both comfortable with it.