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All Inclusive luxury day sail & snorkel in Cabo San Lucas

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"An extraordinary experience"

All Inclusive luxury day sail & snorkel in Cabo San Lucas

All Inclusive luxury day sail & snorkel in Cabo San Lucas

Short Description

If you are a very busy person and do not want to read the detailed description below, I will explain in a short sentence what this excursion consists of.

Incredible excursion on a luxury sailboat, small groups, to visit the arch of Cabo San Lucas, snorkel and paddle board in the bay of Santa María, and return sailing to the Cabo San Lucas marina. Includes open bar, snorkel equipment, paddle board, food and snacks, all with a super price.

If you are interested in this excursion, then we offer you a detailed description next.

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Detailed Description

Our boats for this sailing excursion are dedicated to small groups. This allows for a more comfortable setting and detailed attention

This also means that you´ll have enough space to walk, sit and even lie on the boat.

The trip in general consists of (although I will go into details later) crossing the bay, visiting the arch, heading to the bay of Santa María to swim, snorkel and paddle board, and then depending on the intensity of the wind, put the sails to work. You will be able to sail in the magnificent Sea of Cortez, the views are incredible, with the mountains and the desert on the horizon, the wind is cool and it is the most romantic part of the excursion.

There are also unlimited drinks including beer and food on this 4-hour tour. It is an excursion considered luxury, so the staff is dedicated to make sure all your needs are met.

Beginning, Welcome and facilities

We have pickup service at hotels in San José del Cabo or in the corridor between San José and San Lucas. If you are in the Cabo San Lucas area we can meet at our facilities that are located in the city's marina.

Our sailboats are made in France, Beneteu style, designed to sail in a soft and comfortable way, to explore the natural beauties of Los Cabos, with a bathroom on board.

When you arrive, the crew will be waiting for you with a welcome drink and for more comfort they will ask you to take off your shoes, you can be barefoot inside the sailboat without any problem.

Also, at the beginning of the excursion a delicious snack will be offered, For people who perhaps did not have time for breakfast. It should be remembered that throughout the excursion you will have an open bar service (alcoholic beverages after snorkeling).

The Arch, Los Cabos iconic attraction

All Inclusive luxury day sail & snorkel in Cabo San LucasSeeing the iconic Arch, the Lovers Beach and the sea lions, it's beautiful!. Time to take a photo to show off that you were in Los Cabos.

Los Arcos, is a rock formation jutting out from the Baja California Sur coast, appears in all Cabo San Lucas advertisements. Los Arcos marks the union of the Pacific Ocean with the Gulf of California (or the Sea of Cortez, as it is known south of the border). More than an arbitrary division, the Pacific is colder, darker, saltier, and much rougher than the smooth waters of the Gulf.

Santa María Bay, Snorkel & Paddle Board

Santa María is a small bay protected by the rocks around it. It is a calm, clean beach, with crystal clear waters and full of marine life, you can snorkel without problem, the area is beautiful, the snorkeling site is very beautiful and quite quiet, making it ideal for the whole family.

Of course always supported by the crew, they will take special care to make sure that you are comfortable and nothing is missing. Even for those who have a certain fear of snorkeling, our crew will go a long way to enthuse and reassure them everything is under control. They will feel so comfortable that in the end they won't want to come out of the water.

We will provide all the necessary snorkeling equipment, vests, masks and fins, so you can explore the entire bay of Santa María, we also have paddle boards for people who want to try it, which is great fun and the photos are beautiful

Here we will also have a very delicious meal prepared by our crew to the delight of all our guests.


The most romantic part is when we return to Cabos San Lucas, by sailing only, they will turn off the engine and let only the force of the wind propel the boat.

The captain and his crew, apart from being very friendly, are excellent in what they do, they know the ship very well and also the sea currents, in addition to being expert sailors. The breeze is very refreshing and the views are out of this world.

It is a very calm and relaxing experience with great hospitality. You and your family will find this to be the most romantic and relaxing part of our activities!

There are also many possibilities that we can see a lot of marine life on the way, such as dolphins, manta rays, sea lions and during the winter it is very likely that we will see whales on the horizon.

Personalized attention

As you can see if you are looking for a high-quality excursion, that is real sailing and where you can spend quality time with your family, we are your best option.

Without our crew it would not be the same, Amazing service! and they are always willing to share all their knowledge

Our crew members are people hired with the highest standards of customer service, as well as being excellent at work. They will always be aware that everything is safe and also that you always have what it takes to spend a very special moment on your vacation.

Other Excursions

If you got here, but this excursion is not what you were looking for, let me tell you that we have several more excursions for all tastes and budgets. Options such as:

As you can see we have everything covered, please, if you are looking for something different send an email and it is very likely that we have something suitable to your expectations


Based on our experience of years of living in this paradise, we have set about creating a blog that aims to inform our visitors. suggestions, recommendations on how to save on their visit to Los Cabos

We answer questions such as

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Dear customer, below we offer you the prices that we have available, take into consideration that this is one of the excursions classified as Luxury so the attention to detail, the boats and the dedication of the crew are worth it. If we add that there are only small groups we have a boutique excursion in Cabo San Lucas.

Prices are as follows

  • Adults (+12 Years): $100 USD or $2400 mexican pesos or $93 Euros
  • Children (8 to 11 years old): $90 USD or $2160 mexican pesos $84 euros
  • Children under 8 are not allowed due to the characteristics of the excursion.
  • Prices are per person


$2400 MXN

  • Kids Price $2160 MXN
  • Hablamos español / castellano
  • Excellent service


$100 USD

  • Kids Price $90 USD
  • BEST price on the market
  • Warranty against bad weather
  • Promotions for groups



  • Kids Price $84 EUROS
  • European Standards
  • We speak your language


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*Terms and Conditions

  • Only on selected excursions with the 3X2 Promotion TAB
  • The one of equal or lesser value will be FREE!
  • The 3x2 promotion is valid when booking three different tours for the same participant(s), in one transaction
  • It has to be the same persons on the 3 excursions
  • No change on dates are allowed
  • No refunds are allowed
  • Reservations with promotions require reservations at least 7 days in advance
  • Promotion valid until December 30, 2020
  • This promotion does not apply or cannot be combined with another promotion, offer or package

*Participating excursions

If you wish to apply for this promotion please send an email or call and let our customer service department know, so that the desired discount is applied

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Meeting Place

This excursion has pickup service in most hotels in San José del Cabo, tourist corridor or Cabo San Lucas area, please note that if you are staying in the Cabo San Lucas area, the meeting place will be at our facilities in the San Lucas Marina.

As you can see, we are one step ahead of our competition in terms of logistics and comfort for our guests.

You just have to wait in the lobby of your hotel and our vans will come to take you to enjoy a day to the fullest.


In this list we explain in broad strokes what we have included in this excursion. We try to go beyond the normal so our guests are comfortable and when reading this list you will realize why.

  • Sailing boat and crew at your service
  • Appetizers
  • Lunch
  • Towels
  • Premium open bar
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Paddle board

Not Included

We try to include the everything necessary to spend a day of extensive fun, however, some things we cannot include, so it is important that you read this small list. If you have any questions, we are one click away from answering each and every one of your questions.

Things that are not included:

  • Photos
  • Tips

What To Bring

We put at your disposal this list of the things that we consider are the most necessary, however, this list is not a complete list because it would be too long and complicated to put all the possible needs that a person might have.

Each person has different needs and care, so it is important to take that into consideration when you go on the tour.

  • Alcoholic beverages can only be provided to ages 18+
  • Sunglasses, cap, sunhats before the sunsets
  • Full charge cell phone or camera
  • Cash (for tips)
  • During the winter we suggest a sweater winds can be chilly
  • Sunblock
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Comfortable and fresh clothes
  • Flip flops
  • Swimsuit and a dry change of clothes
  • Backpack or bag to store your things

Payment methods

All common forms of payment are at your disposal, we have electronic terminals and secure servers to process your payments online, check this list and if you have any doubts please do not hesitate to contact us we are here to serve you

  • Bank deposit
  • Wire transfers
  • Cash payment
  • PayPal
  • Credit card (5% for bank fees)


Frequently asked questions

1.- Do you come to my hotel to pick me up?

Yes, as long as the hotel is within our pre-established routes, keep in mind that this service has an extra cost

Send an email with the name of the hotel and we will be happy to confirm the estimated time that we will pick you up.

2.- I am in an AIRBNB. Can you come pick me up?

Unfortunately if you are not in a hotel, it is very difficult for us, however, we can establish a nearby meeting place where we can meet.

3.- I want you to pick me up at a specific time, is it possible?

Unfortunately no, we have schedule pickup times

4.- At what time would they stop by us?

Depending on your hotel location, when you make formal reservation, you will be sent a confirmation receipt of services with all detailed information such as estimated pick up time, we ask you to be ready 5 minutes before you pickup time

5.- How do I recognize who will pick me up?

When your service confirmation receipt is sent, all of the detailed information will be sent to you, but it is easy, we will call out names to locate you.

6.- In which vehicle would you pick me up?

Usually in Toyota Hiace trucks or sprinters, but may vary depending on the availability of the vehicles.

7.- I am late. Can you wait for me?

Sometimes we can wait about 5 minutes. Remember we have other pickups and often people already aboard who will be upset waiting longer that the promised time, we strongly ask you to be on time at the meeting place, otherwise you will have to get to the marina on your own

8.- I'm already at the meeting place, but I don't see anyone, what should I do?

Immediately call the contact number that will be printed on your service confirmation receipt, they will inform you where the van is or if there is any delay.

1.- Because of the rush, I couldn't print the service confirmation receipt. What happens?

Nothing happens, you can show it on your cell phone screen or request a receipt directly to your WhatsApp or even just with your name and your confirmation number that will be on your service confirmation receipt

2.- Can I show my receipt on my cell phone?

Yes. In fact, it is the most recommended, please do not waste sheets as much as possible, we are in the 21st century, right?

3.- How should I be dressed?

Comfortable clothes, a small coat if it is winter, your swimsuit

4.- Do you have any place to store my things?

Unfortunately no, it is advisable to bring only what is necessary and a bag to store your personal belongings

5.- Which days are the least people listed on the excursion?

Usually the beginning of the week, however, in holiday season, there is a good flow of visitors, it can vary

6.- Can I bring my baby's food?

Unfortunately this excursion is not designed for young children, the minimum is 8 year old

1.- What is included if I reserve the All Inclusive luxury day sail & snorkel in Cabo San Lucas?


  • Sailing boat and crew at your service
  • Appetizers
  • Lunch
  • Towels
  • Premium Open Bar
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Paddle Board

2.- Does it include life jackets and lockers?

Yes, we have life jackets for the snorkeling part, however there are no lockers available

3.- We have an open bar, all we want to drink

Yes, it is an open bar, everything you want to drink, we only ask you to keep it fun and be able to walk out the boat at the end of excursion

4.- How long does the excursion last?

Usually 4 hours.

1.- Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, however, please be aware there may be extra bank fees charges, so we prefer cash

2.- can i pay in cash when you come to get me

Yes. We have that option, however, you have to demonstrate to our online operators it is a serious reservation, to avoid wasting resources on fetching them and not showing up.

3.- Do you have any credit card interest-free month promotion?

Unfortunately, no. However we have great prices and good promotions when in big groups.

4.- What is the adult price?

$100 USD per person, over 11 years old would be considered adults

5.- How much do the children pay?

$90 USD each child, children from 8-11 years are considered for this price, children under 8 are not accepted

5.- You have special prices? Let's say for older adults, locals, people with different abilities, travel agents

Yes, we have a 10% discount, in the comments field it is necessary to mention it and ask for the special price for them.

6.- Do you have any promotion available?

Sure, if you are more than 7 people, we have a 10% discount

1.- How can I make the reservation?

We make it easy for you, we have this website, it can also be by WhatsApp, email or phone call

2.- How do I know that the reservation is already made?

If a service confirmation receipt was sent to you, with your confirmation number the reservation is already formalized, but if any questions please send an email

3.- What hours do you have for customer service?

We are available 24 hours a day, however, the hours we guarantee the service are

  • Monday to Friday 07:00 am – 10:00 pm hora local
  • Saturday & Sunday 07:00 am – 08:00 pm hora local

4.- How far in advance can I make my reservation?

The reservation framework where we can guarantee you the same price, is from 1 month to 1 night before the excursion

5.- Can I pass my reservation to another person?

Yes, as long as you notify us and give us the other person's information

6.- Can I change my reservation date?

Yes, as long as you notify us as soon as possible, at least 2 hours before so those spaces can be occupied by another client.

7.- I don't feel good, Can i cancel the excursion?

Yes, of course we are aware that sometimes things do not go as planned, just let us know as soon as possible

8.- What are the cancellation and refund policies?

Usually the following criteria, but may vary, please send an email

  • 100% refund within 24 hours
  • No Show, No Refund

9.- Can I cancel or change the date of my visit?

Yes, just let us know as soon as possible, to make the necessary adjustments

10.- How far in advance can I make my reservation?

We recommend no more than 1 month in advance and at least one night before the excursion


Unfortunately we have some restrictions for your own safety.

Some of them are just recommendations and others are more specific restrictions check this list

  • To apply the "payment on the day of the excursion" it is only for groups of less than 4 people. If you make two reservations we cannot guarantee that you will go on the same boat or in the same section of the boat
  • In the snorkeling part it is necessary to have experience and know how to swim
  • This excursion is not recommended for pregnant women
  • This excursion is not recommended for children under 8 years old
  • Unfortunately due to contract issues, it is not available for clients who cruise to Los Cabos
  • It is important to be on time at the meeting place, out of respect for other guests, remember it is a shared excursion
  • When boarding the sailboat it is necessary to enter the boat barefoot
  • Sailing time depends on sea and weather conditions
  • The use of the life jacket during the snorkeling is mandatory, remember we are responsible for your safety.
  • Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult
  • You cannot drink alcoholic beverages if you are under 18, ID will be requested
  • Cannot board with obvious effects of alcohol or drugs.
  • Must have the ability to climb small ramps, steps, and walk short distances
  • You must have the ability to bend your knees to climb the ladder from the sea to the boat after snorkeling.
  • The snorkeling part is not designed for people who cannot walk
  • Be physically and emotionally well
  • We can stop serving alcoholic beverages for your safety and others around you.
  • Have a feeling of tolerance and respect for other people


We understand that there are circumstances beyond our control, such as illnesses or cancellations of travel, we understand it and that is why we strongly ask that you let us know you will not be able to be part of the excursion. Notify us as soon as possible.

  • 24 hour cancellations without penalty
  • No Show No refund


10 Reviews
Can't make up your mind? would you like to see what people who already went on the tour think, we have TripAdvisor section, send a message requesting information
- March -


"We picked this shore excursion 6 months ago and it exceeded our expectations. The catamaran crew of Leo, Liz and Juan were very professional and so down to earth. They took the time to get to know you as well as showed us the wonderful sights along the way to our snorkeling spot. We saw the famous arch, migrating whales and even learned how to sail. At the end of the day we previewed the pictures that Liz had taken along the way. The candid shots produced a picture that my wife said made her fall in love with me all over again. The day trip on boat 6 will be a journey we will never forget. Thank you so much to the crew for a wonderful, memorable day."

- March -


"They said the boat had a max of 14 and we were a group of 6! It was so much better than the regular day sailing catamaran that looked like it had 40 people on it! We first went by the famous Cabo Arch to take pictures before heading out. We ended up whale watching for the first hour! I was hoping that some were hanging out on the surface because the captain had given me the okay to slip in and do some underwater filming if we had the chance....we did not! After we all got our fix, we continued motoring to a cove where we snorkeled and were given the option to paddleboard. After snorkeling and lunch we headed out towards another whale that was nearby before it ended up diving down again. The pulled out the jib sail and we coasted down wind until we hit the marina. Our guide Leo was rad! He made the experience a lot of fun for my dad and I."

- March -


"We had a blast with Saul and Beto in the cruise today. He took us past the arches and to Santa Maria cove to paddle board and snorkel. The water is very cold this time of year and not as clear as Caribbean, but still fun. There were plenty of fish to see. The water was clam and deep blue...beautiful day! We saw a pod of dolphins and three or four jumbo back whales... they were even kind enough to keep us later to see more whales and take photos and videos. The snack and lunch was great...and he had a fully stocked bar as well as sodas and water. Definitely worth the money and the four hours! You see and do a little of everything! Great job Saul and your photographer did a great job too! Thank you for everything!!"

- March -


"We went sailing in March 2020 with this company and it was amazing! Poncho, Chris, and Juan were the best captains and hosts! The freshest lunch was served, and the sailing was so much fun! We love Cabo, and this was one of our highlights!!"

- March -


"met us on the pier, smooth check-in process, short walk to the dock, quick safety info, treated us like gold, warm and sunny day, plenty of fish during snorkeling, stand-up paddleboards available, sail power on return was very peaceful, lunch was yummy, drinks kept coming as long as we wanted, professional pictures the whole way, no pressure to buy pictures on return. I highly recommend this trip! Big shout out to Juan,Saul, and Andrea, they were just beyond fabulous."

- February -


"This was an amazing experience. Staff were fantastic and very fun. Food was great and the day was breathtaking - we saw whales, sea turtles, sea lions and loads of fish. The sailing was so peaceful. Worth every cent!"

- February -


"Highly recommend!!! Captain Carmine, Tour Director Cesar, and photographer Monica made the trip super enjoyable! Cruising the sea of Cortez was relaxing and beautiful! The water activities were great - you can paddle board, kayak, and snorkel. We were able to see a variety of fish. We also saw dolphins, whales and sea lions! The tour includes great food and drinks. This adventure is well worth the money!!"

- February -


"Great time. Nice boat ,good crew ,food was good , put up sails and sailed back to the docks ,bonus saw the whales"

- February -


"The crew was great and everything was professional. Cesar was very funny and very enjoyable! Monica got some great pictures of us and Karim did a great job behind the wheel giving us all lots of beautiful views! Definitely recommended!!!"

- February -


"This was a very good time. In this 4-hour cruise we saw the Arch, went snorkeling, and saw SO many whales. SO Many! This time of year (Feb) in Cabo is prime whale watching season and it was great. The Captain went out of his way to stop for each sighting. There were ~10 of us on board and the crew provided unlimited drinks, a chip & salsa snack, and a 'box lunch' of ceviche & salad. The weather and the seas were nice. Very friendly crew. I thought the snorkeling would be cold as they do not provide wetsuits. But after the initial warm up time (about 1-2 minutes) we were all fine and the water felt great."