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Clear Boat Tour Los Cabos

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"The only complete clear boat tour"

Clear Boat Tour Los Cabos

Clear Boat Tour Los Cabos

Check out this comment from one of our clients

Incredible! This is not just a clear boat in Cabo. The entire ship is transparent! The water is clear so you can see the bottom of the ocean on the way places to visit. They visit different rock formations and then take you to the most iconic place in Los Cabos, its world-famous arch. The guides are excellent and informative. They offer free drinks. Our group had around 12 people. They take pictures of each family on the boat.

What's the clear boat tour in Cabo?

Clear Boat Tour Los Cabos

Join us on an incomparable marine adventure with the clear boat tour in Cabo. This unique experience invites you to explore the fascinating underwater life of Los Cabos in a completely innovative way.

Imagine yourself aboard the clear boat, a transparent boat that allows you to enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view thanks to its plexiglass structure. From anywhere on the ship, you can admire the crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine ecosystem that makes Cabos a paradise for sea lovers.

During the clear boat tour in Los Cabos, you will witness incredible views: schools of multicolored fish, majestic coral formations and captivating underwater landscapes. It is as if you are floating in the air, surrounded by marine beauty.

The length of the trip is perfect: fast enough to avoid motion sickness and relaxed enough to enjoy the most notable landmarks. You'll have the opportunity to take photos, sunbathe, and show off that you sailed through the Sea of Cortez.

Don't miss this extraordinary experience that the clear boat tour in Los Cabos offers you. It will be an unforgettable memory of your visit to this paradisiacal destination!

Why book the clear boat tour in Los Cabos?

Immerse yourself in a truly exceptional experience with the Clear Boat tour in Cabo. This activity is one of the best options available in Cabo San Lucas and offers you stunning views of marine life in a unique setting.

The ship's transparent plexiglass design gives you a 360-degree panoramic perspective, allowing you to admire unobstructed the crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine ecosystem that surrounds Los Cabos.

Unlike conventional glass-bottom boats, the clear boat offers a much more immersive experience thanks to its completely transparent design.

Whether you are traveling as a family and looking for a fun, unique activity and want to have a first look at the underwater world of Los Cabos, this clear boat tour is one of the best options you will find in the destination.

In addition, this activity is perfect for those with little time available, since the tour is completed in less than 45 minutes. Make the most of your time and let yourself be amazed by the marine wonders that Los Cabos has to offer you

Clear Boat Tour in Los Cabos: Tour schedules and availability

The clear boat tour in Los Cabos is available every day of the week at the following times:

There are departures every day from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm

Clear Boat Tour in Los Cabos: Duration

Embark on an exciting marine adventure with the clear boat tour in Los Cabos, an experience that will captivate you for approximately 45 minutes. During this time, you’ll have the opportunity to marvel at the breathtaking views of the crystal-clear waters of Los Cabos.

The tour begins aboard the clear boat, where you will be welcomed by a friendly captain and an expert guide. They will give you a guided tour, sharing knowledge about the local marine life and revealing the secrets of the underwater wonders that await you.

The culminating visit is the arch of Cabo San Lucas, where you can see why it is one of the iconic images of Mexico

Clear Boat Experience in Los Cabos

Let me share with you, what you can expect on the exciting Clear Boat Tour in Los Cabos:

Arrival and Boarding

Clear Boat Tour Los Cabos Upon arrival at the meeting point, you will be greeted by friendly staff who will direct you to the check-in desk. It is recommended to arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time, to have enough time to complete the check-in process and feel comfortable.

Once you have registered and received your ID bracelet, you’ll be ready to put on your life jacket. Safety is priority in this aquatic adventure.

You’ll then be escorted by an expert guide to the clear boat, where the attentive crew will help you board. The team will be on hand to provide you with all the necessary assistance, ensuring that you feel comfortable and prepared for the experience that awaits you.

Ride on the clear boat
Clear Boat Tour Los Cabos

Embark on a fascinating ride aboard the clear boat, once you are on the boat, you will set sail along the coast of Los Cabos. During the tour, you will have the incredible opportunity to admire the crystal-clear waters of Cabo San Lucas, while getting up close to the colorful reefs and lush marine life.

As you progress, you’ll pass various coral reefs, where you’ll be able to clearly observe the wonderful details under the boat. On our tour, we might be lucky enough to witness an amazing variety of marine life: brightly colored tropical fish, vibrant coral reefs, etc.

The clear boat offers you a privileged and clear view of these marine treasures, allowing you to appreciate their beauty in all its splendor. This trip will give you a unique experience as you explore the underwater wonders of Los Cabos. Get ready to witness a natural spectacle that will leave you breathless!

Visit the Cabo San Lucas arch

The Cabo San Lucas Arch is an iconic rock formation that rises majestically from the ocean. Its unique structure and the surrounding turquoise waters create a landscape of great beauty and are an impressive sight to behold.

The Cabo San Lucas Arch, also known as the Arch at the End of the World, is a natural rock formation that has been created over millions of years due to marine erosion and geological forces. The formation process of the Arch is the result of the interaction of several natural factors such as marine erosion, action of tides and currents, geological composition

Abundant marine life

The area around the Arch is known for its rich marine biodiversity. During your visit, you may be able to see dolphins, sea turtles, rays, and a variety of tropical fish. If you're lucky, you might even spot whales during migration season.

Clear Boat Tour Los Cabos

In addition to rock formations such as

  • The Neptune finger or the Baja stone
  • The window to the Pacific
  • Sea lion colony
  • Pelican stone
  • The world-famous ARCH of Cabo San Lucas
Photo Session

As part of the excursion, an exciting photo session will be offered. During this special moment, our guide will use a GoPro camera located at the front of the boat to capture professional images of each person.

The unique environment of the clear boat offers a great opportunity to take spectacular photos, and our guide knows the best poses and angles to ensure you get incredible shots.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the photos that will be captured during the session. These images will be a beautiful memory of your experience on the clear boat, showing the clarity and beauty of the marine environment that surrounds you.

Be sure to smile and enjoy the moment as our guide captures memorable snapshots you'll treasure forever!

Who is the clear boat tour in Los Cabos best suited for?

It is a good option if you are looking to visit the Arch of Cabos San Lucas and have a spectacular photo taken with the arch in the background at an affordable price.

The Cabos Clear Boat Tour is a perfect option for a variety of travelers looking for a unique and low-key experience in Cabo.

If you're traveling with your family, you'll love the special design of the clear boat, which allows everyone to get an up-close and personal look at marine life without having to get in the water.

If you are simply looking to relax and enjoy a quiet ride, the clear boat tour in Los Cabos is an excellent option. You will be able to enjoy the landscape without having to make significant physical effort.

In short, the Cabo clear boat tour is a fun and affordable way to immerse yourself in the wonders of the island's marine life. Whether you are traveling with your family, are a beginner in the world of snorkeling, or simply want a quiet ride, this activity will give you an unforgettable experience.

Who is NOT suitable for the clear boat tour in Los Cabos?

It is a quick excursion, the ideal is to combine it with dinner and watch the sunset on a catamaran with an open bar and bathrooms, that is, something with more options.

Although the Cabo clear boat tour can be an exciting activity for many travelers, it is important to note that it is not designed for those seeking more extreme adventures.

This tour offers a quiet, more relaxing experience, ideal for those who want to enjoy the beauty of Los Cabos marine life without getting into the water or participating in physically demanding activities.

If you're looking for thrills like ziplining or skydiving, you may want to consider other options, as the Cabos clear boat tour doesn't provide that level of adrenaline.

Also, if you are an avid swimmer, you should keep in mind that there is no snorkeling in this activity

However, if you are interested in exploring the marine world in a unique and relaxed way, the clear boat tour in Los Cabos is still an excellent option. It will allow you to enjoy panoramic views of marine life and a visit to the arch without having to dive and will provide you with an unforgettable experience in a calm and serene environment.

It's worth it? Yes

The clear boat tour in Los Cabos offers you a unique and unforgettable experience that you will not find anywhere else. This boat is the only one of its kind and you will be surprised how clear and transparent it is.

During the tour, you will really appreciate the uniqueness of the boat and understand why it is so special. The guides are friendly and knowledgeable, providing you with interesting information throughout the journey. Furthermore, the punctuality and organization of the tour are impeccable.

However, it is important to note that this activity focuses more on providing a relaxing and basic experience. If you're looking for a thrill or an adrenaline-pumping activity, you may want to consider other options.

But don't hesitate! I guarantee you that this experience in Los Cabos is truly incredible. You cannot miss this beautiful tour on the clear boat. It's worth every minute!

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If you have any questions or would like to receive personalized attention, you can click on the WhatsApp button. An online advisor will be happy to help you make your reservation or clarify any questions you may have.

We hope to welcome you soon and give you an unforgettable experience in this wonderful destination!


We'll soon be launching a blog full of invaluable information about Los Cabos! As local residents, we know the Los Cabos inside out and know the most common mistakes visitors make. Our goal is to provide you with recommendations that allow you to have an experience in Los Cabos that meets all your expectations.

On our blog, we will answer questions like:

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  • Crystal clear boat los cabos reviews
  • Crystal clear boat los cabos price
  • Glass bottom boat Cabo price

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Here I can show you different alternatives that we have available:

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Our price per person is $30 USD or $450 pesos. We want to highlight that infant from 0 to 3 years old have no additional cost, but it is important that an adult be always with infant.

Unfortunately, the clear boat doesn’t have ample space and its maximum capacity is limited. For this reason, the price is established per seat on the boat, being the same for all passengers. The only exception is infants from 0 to 3 years old, who travel for free

Meeting place

The meeting place is at the Cabo San Lucas marina, when you make reservation, you are sent a PDF of service confirmation, as well as a photo of the meeting place, the location on Google Maps, as well as the name and contact of the person who will waiting for you.


Get to know what the clear boat tour in Cabo includes and does not include allows you to plan properly, have clear expectations, organize your trip, and avoid unpleasant surprises. This contributes to a more satisfying and smooth experience during your adventure.

  • Guided boat tour of the Cabo San Lucas arch
  • Visit the rock formations around the arch
  • Certified Captain and Crew
  • 100% crystal clear boat
  • Photo Session

Not included

We like to be transparent, and we want to avoid misunderstandings, that is why we put this list of things that this clear boat tour in Los Cabos does not include.

  • Transportation to the meeting place
  • Doesn’t include a visit to the beach
  • Snorkeling equipment or snorkeling activity
  • Tips (optional)
  • Photos (Optional)

What to bring

To determine what to bring, it's important to consider several factors, such as the length of the trip, the destination, planned activities, the weather, and your personal needs. Here are some general guidelines to help you prepare

  • Camera or cell phone to take photos
  • Light clothing
  • Sandals
  • Sun hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Dry fit long sleeve t-shirt to protect yourself from the sun
  • Extra money

Payment Methods

We have the most common payment methods on the market

  • We prefer cash, pesos, dollars, or euros
  • OXXO bank deposits etc. (At least 2 days in advance)
  • Electronic transfers (At least 2 days in advance)
  • PayPal (there is a 4% increase in commissions) (At least 2 days in advance)
  • Credit cards (Visa or MasterCard only)


Most common questions

1.- How long does the Cabo San Lucas clear boat tour last?

Approximately 45 minutes, it is a short excursion designed to

  • Very small children who could not endure a longer and more stressful excursion
  • People who have little time in Los Cabos
  • Adults over 50 years old who want to see the bottom of the sea without getting wet
  • People interested in the photo session

2.- What does the clear boat tour in Los Cabos include?

  • Visit to the Cabo San Lucas arch and rock formations
  • Bilingual photographer/guide
  • Certified Captain and Crew
  • 100% clear boat

3.- The price is very cheap compared to other websites. Why?

Being wholesalers and having sales volume, we have special prices, and we pass those reduced prices that we achieve based on our monthly sales volume to our clients.

4.- I read somewhere that it includes food, is it true?

No. This tour does not include food, in fact, you are not allowed to bring food on this tour

5.- Does it include drinks?

Unfortunately, it does not include drinks, in fact, only 1 plastic bottle is allowed on the excursion, the transparent boat system is very delicate and is easily scratched which makes it lose clarity, so you cannot take certain things on board.

6.- Can we swim?

Unfortunately, no, this excursion doesn’t include snorkeling or a visit to the beach.

7.- I bring a baby with a very strict diet, can I bring his food?

Unfortunately, not. It is a restriction of the boat because it can be stained and scratched, which makes the plexiglass opaque and loses its transparency.

8.- Can I bring food on the clear boat tour in Cabo?

Unfortunately, not. It is a restriction of the boat because it can be stained and scratched, which makes the plexiglass opaque and loses its transparency.

9.- How long does it take in each place?

All times are approximate and depend on sea conditions

  • 15 min rock formations
  • 30 min Visit the Cabo San Lucas arch to take photo

1.- What's the price of the Cabo clear boat tour?

  • $30 USD or $450 Mexican pesos per person
  • Infants under 3 years old do not pay

2.- Up to what age is considered an infant?

Children under 3 years old do not pay, however, they do not have a guaranteed seat since it is understood that they are a baby and will go in the adult’s laps.

3.- We are a group of people, is there any promotion?

It depends on the number of people, please send a message on WhatsApp

4.- Do you have any promotions available?

If it is a group of more than 8 people, we can manage a discount, however it depends on availability and whether it is vacation time or not.

5.- I am a foreigner, is it the same price?

Yes, it is the same price that is on the website

6.- How can I pay you?

Transfer, deposits, PayPal etc.

7.- Can I pay in foreign currency (dollars or euros)?

Yes. We have prices in pesos, dollars and euros

8.- Do you accept credit card payments?

Yes, but we only accept Visa or MasterCard. We do not accept American Express, and there is a 5% increase for administrative expenses that must be added to the final price

9.- I cannot print my service confirmation receipt, can I show it on my cell phone?

Yeah. Without any problem we are a green company.

1.- Where can I book?

The fastest way is by WhatsApp or on the website

2.- Do you send me any proof of confirmation of services?

By email you will be sent your service confirmation receipt with all the information on pickup times, meeting places, customer service telephone numbers, recommendations for things to bring, but most importantly your service confirmation number.

3.- I am interested, but I still don't know what day. Should I have the exact date?

Yes, it is one of the most important data

4.- I don't have a credit card, how can I make a reservation?

No problem, you can make a transfer or bank deposit

5.- I am very distrustful. I have had previous bad experiences when purchasing, can I pay better when I arrive at the meeting place?

Unfortunately, not:

The boat is small and there is a maximum capacity. Seats are limited. If you do not show up at the agreed time, it is considered a no show.

6.- What office hours do you have?

  • Monday to Friday from 07:00 am – 10:00 pm local time
  • Saturday and Sunday from 07:00 am – 08:00 pm local time

7.- I can make the reservation in the name of a family member

Yeah. Without any problem we only need the data of that reservation.

8.- I am abroad, how can I call you

Customer service phone number is (+52) 624 226 0180 you can speak or you can send WhatsApp or message

9.- If I book for a specific date, but due some problems I must cancel that day and I need to change my reservation, is it possible?

Yes, we just need you to let us know at least 24 hours in advance.

10.- I can pay with someone else's credit card.

Unfortunately, not.

11.- I couldn't print my receipt. What can I do?

No problem, you can show your receipt on your phone or we also have a copy of your reservation, the most important thing is that the excursion is already paid for

12.- When can I cancel?

At least 24 hours in advance so that a refund can be made

13.- How can I contact you?

We have all the means open, email, WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, phone call, etc., whichever is easiest for you, but if it is urgent, the most advisable thing is to send a message via WhatsApp

14.- Can you call me on my phone?

Yes. Just let us know what time and the phone number if it's long distance or country codes if it's abroad.

15.- What are the cancellation or refund restrictions?

  • 100% refund if 24 hours in advance
  • There is no refund if it is a no show

1.- Does it include transportation?

Unfortunately, not. You must arrive at the offices in the Cabo San Lucas marina

2.- Where does Los Cabos clear boat tour depart from?

From the Cabo San Lucas marina, when you make the reservation, you are sent detailed information on the location of the meeting place, photos and contact number.

3.- If I make my reservation, am I guaranteed my space?

Absolutely. When you make your reservation and pay, you will be sent a PDF that is your service confirmation receipt.

4.- How many minutes can they wait for me? if I have not yet arrived at the meeting place

You must arrive at least 30 minutes before, in extreme cases 10 minutes before, remember that it is a shared excursion and there are more people waiting to board the boat

If you are late, please contact the customer service phone number immediately (+52 624 226 0180). If there is availability during the following times, the reservation can be modified, but only if there is availability.


Please read this itinerary which shows a detailed planning of the activities, places and times that make up the Clear Boat Tour in Los Cabos. It is a guide that indicates the order and sequence of the stages or points of interest to visit, as well as the estimated arrival and departure times.

Take into consideration that the order of the places to visit may vary due to external situations.

  • Check-in Process

    To ensure a smooth and seamless experience, the check-in process begins 30 minutes before the scheduled boat departure. It is essential to arrive on time to complete registration within the stipulated time.

    It is important to note that this a group / shared excursion, which means that there will be other people waiting as well. It means is necessary to be aware of the presence of other participants and maintain a respectful attitude while waiting.

  • Rocky Formations

    Near the arch there are several rocky formations that nature has formed, the guide will give you a description of all the places of interest along the way

    • The Neptune finger or the Baja stone
    • The window to the Pacific
    • Sea lion colony
    • Pelican stone
    • The world-famous ARCH of Cabo San Lucas
  • Visit Cabo San Lucas Arch

    Discover the majesty of the Cabo San Lucas Arch, a natural treasure that will leave you breathless. Immerse yourself in its scenic beauty, marvel at its unique rock formations and create unforgettable memories in this unmissable destination. Come and live the unforgettable experience Cabo San Lucas Arch

  • Photo Session

    Immortalize your most special moments and capture unique experiences during the excursion with our incredible photo session. Photographs are the treasure that will allow you to relive those precious memories again and again, even years later.

    Our talented photographer will capture the most authentic emotions and expressions of all tour participants: contagious laughter, amazement at the beauty of the surroundings, complete happiness and concentration on every detail. Each image will reflect the very essence of your experience, becoming a visual testimony of your incredible adventure. Let us create photo memories that will last a lifetime!

  • Return to Cabo San Lucas Marina

    At the end of the clear boat tour in Los Cabos, we will return to the marina dock where we started the activity. It is important to note that this is a short-duration excursion, designed to provide a memorable experience in a limited time.

    Once at the dock, our friendly photographer will invite you to accompany him to the office, where you can enjoy the high-quality images, he has captured during the tour. These photographs are optional and are not included in the tour price, but if you love them, you can purchase them as a special souvenir.

    Take advantage of this opportunity to relive the highlights of the excursion and take-home impressive images that will allow you to remember and share your experiences with family and friends!


Knowing the restrictions of an excursion is essential to ensure personal safety, comply with regulations, have a satisfactory experience and respect the environment and the local community. Before participating in Los Cabos clear boat tour, it is advisable to carefully review the restrictions provided by the organizers and make sure you meet the necessary requirements.

  • Since this excursion is a boat with reduced occupancy, it is necessary to pay for the excursion in advance.
  • Passengers must arrive 30 minutes before the activity to check in, maximum tolerance of 10 minutes after the scheduled time. It can be rescheduled only for that same day if there is availability.
  • Mandatory use of a life jacket throughout your tour due to security measures of the government of the state of Quintana Roo
  • Food is not allowed on the boat
  • Glass bottles are not allowed, as they can scratch the boat
  • Only one plastic bottle per person is allowed.
  • Food and pets are not allowed on the boat
  • Not designed for people in wheelchairs
  • All minors must be accompanied by an adult responsible for them
  • People under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not allowed.
  • Be well physically and emotionally
  • Have a feeling of respect and tolerance for others


Reading the cancellation policy for Los Cabos clear boat tour is important to protect your financial investment, plan flexibly, understand the terms and conditions, plan for contingencies, and have clear expectations. Before booking this tour, it is advisable to carefully review the cancellation policy provided by the organizers and make sure you agree to their terms before committing.

  • 100% refundable if you cancel 24 hours in advance
  • If the port is closed and the excursion cannot be done due to bad weather, the full price will be refunded.


10 comentarios
¿No te puedes decidir? Te gustaría ver lo que piensa la gente que ya fue a la excursión, tenemos secciones en TripAdvisor, manda un mensaje solicitando información


"It was a totally unique experience, the clear glass boat gives a sensation that you are floating in the sea, guide was great, attentive, entertaining, friendly, he gave us a very special moment since it was my daughter's birthday and he sang to her, he also takes the photos and they are spectacular, thank you very much for having made this trip unforgettable, and thanks to captain who was also very professional"


"The clear boat experience to the arch is a must. Captain and our tour guide were very polite and gave us an awesome tour of the marina, arch, and lands’ end. We saw tons of fishes which my kids loved and appreciated the pictures photographer took of our group."


"The tour last about an hour and a half. You first visit check in area, fill out paperwork and wait for your tour guide. I don’t recall the name of our tour guide, but he was very fun, and he was attentive to making sure we had a great experience. We were guided out to the Arch. It was a cool experience."


"We loved the clear boat! Beautiful experience, but I felt rushed. We really spent little time exploring and looking for fish. I felt the tour was more a photo shoot and should have been advertised as such. We were lucky to have 3 daughters so they didn’t mind too much, but I think other families should know just what they are signing up for"


"My friend and I were walking along the marina on a Saturday morning and decided to join a 9am tour. The rep handed us off to someone who directed us to their office in the interior of the marina shopping plaza. We were able to pay with cash or credit card. The tour guide was great at answering our questions and talking in both English and Spanish. He was knowledgeable about the marine life as well."


"Guides were great!! Great pictures and tour were fun with beautiful sight seeing! Gracias!"


"It was so much fun, and the crew was great! Small group of 12 and 2 man crew. They spoke in Spanish and English. Very safe. Saw so much in a short time. The boat was in great shape and could see lots through the boat."


"The Clear Boat tour will be added to my list of delightful Cabo boat experiences. I was hosting a Bachelorette where it was the Bride's first time visiting Cabo so naturally she asked to get out on the water and see the famous El Arco. Because of our busy itinerary, doing an all day luxury boat trip was not an option. I took a gamble and booked the clear boat because the photos looked fun and the price was right! Juan was our captain and we also opted in for the photography package... totally worth it for the memories and let's be honest, the perfect insta moment! Edgar was our photographer and was the best stage mom helping our group to pose well and get THE SHOT! The trip was the perfect amount of time, fast enough not to get sea sick but leisurely enough to see the important landmarks, snap some photos, soak up the sun, and say we cruised the Sea of Cortez."


"We did the clear boat tour, and it was magical. Our tour guide Carlos spoke very good English and he explained all the sights to us."


"Love the experience! The staff were friendly. They take pictures of you & you ate able to purchase. The pictures are little pricey. However, you can take your phone to take pictures. We got to see sea lions. Overall, very pleasant experience. Will do it again."